“Endometriosis is a complex disease with causes including: infection, inflammation, environmental toxins and emotional trauma. Work with me and build a lifestyle that supports your body’s inherent healing processes, putting endometriosis into remission.”

Begin Your Journey of Healing

If you have not had an integrative doctor before, you may be surprised at the depth of your treatment. 

We put together the pieces of your health history, including digestion, stress, and hormone health. 

Can you imagine having your first pain-free period?

Your Initial Appointment:

  • Assessment of family history and genetics

  • Review of current supplements, diet and lifestyle.

  • Comprehensive Physical exam

  • Laboratory or imaging orders

  • Access to our online dispensary where you can order professional quality supplements

  • Access to our patient portal

    This is where you can communicate directly with Dr. Soni to answer questions about your plan between appointments

  • A comprehensive treatment plan for you to get started on immediately

Your Endo Plan

Your plan is unique to you!

A typical Endo Plan covers the following:

  1. Replenish nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

  2. Prevent Endo-Belly! Heal the gut lining and optimize digestion & absorption of nutrients

  3. Identify and eradicate root infections

  4. Detox toxins that can negatively affect hormones

  5. A protocol of supplements supporting your future fertility

  6. Lifestyle and dietary recommendations to increase the odds of putting endometriosis into remission

  7. A mindset that sets you up to live pain-free. 

What is the Cost?

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about cost.

  • We do not bill insurance directly for appointment time. 

    • You can request a Super-Bill to submit to your insurance company for a return on a significant percentage of the appointment cost. This is recommended if you have PPO insurance.

  • We do bill California PPO insurances directly for labs. For those without insurance coverage, we have negotiated low cost rates with cash-pay labs.

  • Contact our front desk at 408-560-7283  with any questions. 

More About Dr. Soni

Many women have recovered and now live pain-free from endometriosis thanks to Dr. Soni. She is a highly reviewed doctor. Check out her testimonials on Yelp, Google, and Healthgrades to name a few!


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Endometriosis Resources

Women are disproportionately affected by thyroid disorders, fibrocystic breast disease, breast pain and ovarian cysts, all of which are symptoms of iodine deficiency. Iodine supports the balanced production of thyroid hormones, as well as the health of breast, and ovarian tissue.
One of the main goals of nutritional intervention is to block and or decrease excess estrogenic stimulation. By doing so, the aim is to help manage pelvic pain and augment other treatments tackling associated infertility.
Imagine waking up refreshed, and looking forward to the coming day with good energy and focus. A good night's sleep can do just that, and more with benefits spanning heart, immune, and hormone health. We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. During sleep, our brain and body stay remarkably active, removing toxins that build up in the brain while we are awake.
Whether your menstrual cycle is regular, irregular or missing, seed cycling is a nutritional intervention that you can incorporate to support healthy periods. Benefits span from increasing intake of anti-inflammatory fats, to optimizing hormone balance with natural phytoestrogens.
Environmental toxin exposure is a growing health concern. Precocious puberty in children and new onset autoimmune disease in adults, are just a few of the consequences. Below are recommendations to limit our exposures as a community.
When you have suffered from chronic pain for many years, it can be hard to imagine what it would be like if you lived pain-free. But, that is exactly what is necessary to create the space for permanent, deep healing.
When it comes to fertility, your genes can provide valuable insight into what diet and nutrients are critical for you.
With the help of targeted supplementation and a healthy lifestyle, you can mitigate your risk for estrogen dominant cancers.
The menstrual cycle is a time when underlying nutrient deficiencies can manifest as pain, fatigue and mood swings. A diet rich in organic, nutrient-dense foods can serve to extinguish chronic inflammation and pain associated with menstrual cramping.
Topical castor oil has been shown to increase circulation and promote elimination and healing to tissues and organs. Below are the traditional directions for a castor oil pack, followed by Dr. Soni's Shortcut directions to save you time in implementing this therapy
The most common nutritional deficiency worldwide is iron (1) Even without anemia, iron deficiency affects …
Breath-work nourishes our autonomic nervous system, which works behind the scenes in response to physical and mental stress. Breath-work has a multitude of benefits for the body including: balancing cortisol levels, increasing resilience to stressors and boosting immunity.

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