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I originally starred seeing Dr. Soni for stomach issues (super painful cramping and bloating, and regularly upset stomach). I searched her out specifically because she's an expert in abdominal pain. Now I'm working with her on my memory, my thyroid, some tingling in my toes and fingers and other aging issues.

I live nearly two hours from her office, so all my appointments have been online -- which works great.

I've worked with another naturopath, and Dr. Soni seemed to have some of the same approaches to my gut health as that doctor. However, the difference with Dr. Soni was significant. She's more organized and professional. She's a very good listener and communicator. She's a great problem-solver. Her recommended supplements were high-quality (and worked). And, best of all, her testing correctly diagnosed my five-year stomach struggles, and her solutions now have me eating whatever I want again. I'm thrilled.

She may be listed online as a women's health expert, but I'm a man, and my experience was five-star.
Peter K.
Dr. Soni was recommended to me by another naturopathic doctor. She mentioned that Dr. Soni was the best of the best for Endometriosis care. She was right. After many years of agonizing pain due to undiagnosed endometriosis, that was later confirmed via laparoscopic surgery, western doctor's gave me 3 options; birth control, IUD or the depo shot. I chose none. Enter, Dr. Soni & my quality of life has been life changing. My Endometriosis is under control. The treatment plans that she provides are personalized per the individual & are adjusted accordingly. It's never a one plan fits all (she definitely understands that everyBODY is different).I have never felt so heard, seen & validated before. Dr. Soni takes the time to truly listen (and very patiently, may I add) to every single word you have to say. No interruptions. No page unturned. She digs deep to get to the root cause of any health issue you are faced with. If there is ever an issue she feels a different specialist can address, she recommends the best (takes the best to know the best, right). If she feels you need specific lab work or imaging done, she will advise. She always reviews your findings & explains them to you in a way that is easy to understand. I am extremely happy with the care that Dr. Soni has provided thus far. She is an exceptional, extremely knowledgeable doctor. Highly recommended!
Liz Z.
I started seeing Dr. Soni around June, after receiving an endometriosis diagnosis. She has been amazing to work with - we run labs and dig into the WHOLE person rather than slapping a bandaid on the illness. I've learned so much about my body and my needs, and she has been so patient and explains everything so well. I also come to appointments with a million questions that she patiently answers. You can tell she really cares about her patients, and I even got my husband and friend to start seeing her too! I tell everyone about her and truly think the holistic route is the best for healing and prevention.
Anna K.
I am so glad that I have found Dr. Soni! She has been an integral part of my efforts to ease my endometriosis symptoms. Dr. Soni takes the time to truly listen, express empathy, and make informed and intentional decisions to support my health and wellness. I always feel comfortable sharing with her and I trust her judgment. I would recommend Dr. Soni to anyone. I am deeply appreciative of Dr. Soni!
Joelle S.
Being a patient with Dr. Soni has been such a positive experience. I was diagnosed with hand dermatitis by a doctor in the western healthcare system who recommended trying certain skincare products that I wasn't comfortable using.

I'm very glad I went to Dr. Soni for a second opinion. She assessed my hands as well as my lifestyle and recommended I pick up a Vitamin E oil which has already made a difference with my dermatitis in 1 day! Dr. Soni also studied my lab results and took care to recommend vitamins that would be best specifically for my health. I am really impressed with how Dr. Soni cares for her patients and have been telling my friends and family members about her practice. After only going to see western medicine doctors, Dr. Soni's approach is so refreshing. If you're considering seeing a naturopathic doctor don't look anywhere else.
Andrea H.
Naturopathy was recommended to my Father. So I started looking up online for Naturopathic doctors near me and eventually found Dr. Shreya Soni. It has been a month now and with her help, I have started to feel better, bit by bit. She listened to me very patiently and answered my queries and doubts. I didn't feel rushed while talking to her.

She recommended doing a complete blood test and also, took time to explain my lab reports to me, explaining where I am lacking and where the gaps should be filled. Also, being praised by your doctor that you are doing much better gives you an extra boost.

Overall, she is very professional, knowledgeable, and lovely to speak with. I recommended Dr. Soni to anyone who is looking to find the root cause of their health issues and improve their overall health.
D M.
Dr. Soni is nothing short of amazing! She is a great listener, and takes all aspects of your life into consideration when doing an assessment. I really like that she takes a root-cause approach in figuring out what's going on with you. She validates my health concerns, and she makes me feel seen and heard. She really takes her time with you and I never feel rushed, all my questions are answered thouroughy. Dr. Soni provides traditional therapies and utilizes Western medicine where appropriate. It really takes someone with great skill and knowledge of the human body to effortlessly weave together a treatment plan encompassing multiple realms of medicine like that! Moreover, I always receive my protocol notes in a timely manner. Amita has been more than helpful with scheduling and any questions I have for the office. I highly recommend checking out Dr. Soni for any of your health concerns. Thank you all at Wholendo! 🙂
Anna G.
I feel heard, I feel listened to, and I feel like someone is my advocate and digging for answers. It isn't easy to find someone who doesn't attribute how you feel to "just a tired mom" or "normal for your age". She understands women's health issues and can help devise an easy and comprehensive plan to get life back on track. Not only is she good with women's health, she is fabulous with kids and can communicate clearly and concisely in a language that they can understand. She involves my son in his care and gives him the tools to be in charge of his own health.

Overall she is just fabulous.
Amanda L.
Dr Soni has worked diligently with me (with grace, patience and supreme knowledge) to create a protective blanket around my body and mind.

I feel more in control of my Endometriosis related chronic pain / dirty genes / mental fear based anxiety than ever before. And with our new world realties of Covid19 fear, having her looking out for me, empowering me, is EVERYTHING.

When counting my blessings, Dr Soni is one of them, way up there at the top of the list.
keva d.
I have been having GI issues for almost the past year with daily pain and have been to many doctors whose medications were not able to treat everything. After seeing Dr. Soni now though with her holistic approach we have realized the root cause issues of this pain and I had instant relief within a few days. She is incredibly responsive if I needed to speak to her in between appointments and incredibly caring. Thanks so much!
Sivu S.
Dr. Soni saved me life!!! I cannot thank her enough for what she discovered. After seeing a handful of different specialists, primary care physicians, and hospitals not one doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. I was suffering for 7 months before I met Dr. Soni. Never in my life have I ever been seen by a Naturopathic doctor so I really didn’t know what to expect. It literally took one appointment for her to notice my liver was crying out for help and treated me immediately but she didn’t stop there. She wanted to find out WHY my liver was having these issues. My heart also had fluid surrounding it which was treated by a cardiologist who couldn’t tell me WHY it happened at such a young age (26). So she ran more tests. After going over all of my blood work and tests she had me test my house for mold and guess what? My house was COVERED with black mold. She didn’t just tell me to leave the house and forgot about me. She followed up with natural remedies and other ways to take action to HEAL. She focused on “why” instead of temporary bandaids and because she was determined to find answers, she saved my life and prevented my babies from getting sick. I can’t recommend Dr. Soni enough. She’s extremely knowledgeable, professional, and listens. Thank you thank you THANK YOU Dr. Soni!!
Sarah K.