Since I started treatment with Dr. Soni, I have had a 180 degree turn in my health. After feeling so sick with abdominal pain and irritable colon, I did not think that I would ever feel this good. I continue to follow Dr. Soni's instructions, and have found a change in my life, feeling healthier every day. I can say that I've been freed from a nightmare; my colon used to be irritated 24-7, without rest. With natural therapies, and my collaboration in following instructions, I feel a thousand times better. I wish Dr. Soni many blessings. Thanks to her, my life has changed.

Rafael E.

Dr. Soni is a truly kind human being who cares about you. She not only pays attention to your concerns, she goes beyond and connects all the dots about you. She studies your case as an individual in a unique way. She helped me with my hormonal imbalance, viruses, depression, sinuses and cervical problems. I totally recommend Dr. Soni as physician.

Zulay P.

Dr. Soni has been hands down the best Doctor I have ever been to. She truly is gifted. She is extremely thorough, actually read and retained my prior health history and has a genuine passion for helping and healing people. I have been to many doctors both main stream and naturopathic and finding someone as good as her is rare. Highly recommend!!!

Rosanna L.

Dr. Soni was very patient listening to how I felt and all the symptoms I had been experiencing. This is something I really appreciated since I never got enough time from my Endo. Dr. Soni has immense knowledge on autoimmune diseases and I am sure she can help lot of patients feel better.

Veenadhari N.

Dr. Soni, ND is the absolute best and most caring physician we have ever encountered.

We are 80 and 78 years old and accordingly have been treated by many doctors for many different ailments and surgeries throughout the years--none have impressed us as much as Dr. Soni. She does all the research and tests that are needed to get the right results. And, she really cares and identifies with her patient--including the family. We couldn't be more pleased to have had her as our personal doctor.

Kathleen and Sam K.

Dr. Soni has quality knowledge within naturopathic medicine. She is patient and develops a step by step plan for all concerns, especially those that are most important to the patient. All of my concerns were discussed and prioritized and a plan was made for each. Dr. Soni truly made a change for my health.

Yasmin A.

I saw Dr. Soni for several health issues the past year. She was incredible and really spent her time listening to all my concerns. She carefully addressed and came up with a step by step health plan to get me back on track. She is very knowledgeable in her field. She truly cares for her patients and goes above and beyond.

Cindy A.

I met Dr. Soni in late January 2019 and I am so blessed that I did. I searched long to find a person who would not only have great bed side manner , but who knows what they're talking about and down to earth. To my advantage I found Dr. Soni and at first I was very hesitant about working with her. The reason is because I have worked in the medical field for over 10 years, in hospitals, clinics and even directly with physicians so I knew what kind of doc I was looking for. She exceeds all of those qualities. She was very kind, never rushed and always made sure she explained what she was looking for and , outcomes. She even took concern and payed attention to details like my personal life and relationships which is so key to find out what manifests from some of these issues we deal with in life. She is great in every way and I recommended so many people to her. I am confident that if you get to work with her you will love her. She doesn't want to push medicine down your throat and push you out she is very different then many doctors I know and have experienced. Not only does Dr. Soni want to find out what's wrong with you she wants to care for you, defeat it and get to the bottom of it and make you all around better then when she first meets you. And she is honest if she can't completely heal or help something she will tell you. She is absolutely great.

Melissa J.

Look no further! If you are looking to add naturopathic medicine into your life, you will be in great hands with Dr. Soni, ND. I saw Dr. Soni earlier in 2018 to assist with root cause medicine for hormonal imbalance, HPA-axis dysfunction, and ongoing diagnosis of endometriosis. After my first appointment with her, I felt listened to and cared for the first time in my long history of being dismissed by other health care practitioners. She is very knowledgeable and passionate in the treatment for women's health. I walked out of my initial appointment with a customized treatment protocol and health plan for optimal health along with peace of mind. She is a great asset to the natural medicine community.

Nicole M.

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