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2100 Curtner Ave Suite F San Jose, CA 95124


Monday- Thursday | 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Phone: +1 (408)-560-7283
Fax: +1 (833)-301-0792

By appointment only.

Please note our office does not provide after-hour care.
In case of a medical emergency please call 911

Dr. Soni can help you with one-on-one appointments if you are a resident of California.

She can see you as a health coach if you reside outside of California, with the exception of the states of Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama and Iowa where she does not provide care due to local regulations.

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Our Services

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Your Initial Appointment:

Assessment of family history and genetics

Review of current supplements, diet and lifestyle.

Comprehensive Physical exam

Laboratory or imaging orders

Access to our online dispensary where you can order professional quality supplements

Access to our patient portal

This is where you can communicate directly with Dr. Soni to answer questions about your plan between appointments

A comprehensive treatment plan for you to get started on immediately

Complex health conditions require more than just medication to solve. Yes, medications may be essential to halt progression, but they rarely address the cause and should never be the only solution.
We take pride in assesing diet, nutrition, and environmental factors to help guide you through this journey.
Are you ready to take back control of your health?

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