Environmental Recommendations

  • Drink spring water or filtered water. Use a high quality filter like Clearly Filtered Water, that eliminates micro-plastics and chemicals like chlorine from drinking water.
    • If you are unsure of your water quality, Doctor’s Data (metals) and Great Plains labs (chemicals) have water testing options.
  • Avoid products that contain BPA or phthalates (plastics, take-out containers and cups, fragrances, receipts)
    • Use stainless steel, copper, ceramic or glass bottles.
    • Do not burn petroleum-based candles at home; the safest candles are beeswax.
    • Do not touch receipts, wear gloves if you frequently come into contact with them.
    • Do not use mesh tea bags that have microplastics (ex: Tazo, Teavana, Mighty Leaf)
  • Consume organic foods to lower pesticide exposure.
  • Use iron or ceramic cookware. Discard teflon and restrict aluminum ware cookware.
  • Use clean sunscreens, beauty products, and home cleaning detergents.
  • Keep phones, laptops, and other electronics away from your genital organs.
    • Become mindful of your exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation, which affects people differently.
      • Sources of EMFs are bluetooth, electric cars, WIFI routers, cell phone towers
      • EMFs have been found to contribute to growth of fungii and mold organisms
  • Switch to loose-fitting natural fiber clothing, especially around genital organs. Examples of safe fibers are organic cotton, wool, and silk.
    • Plastic fibers used in synthetic textiles such as nylon have been found to lower sperm quality.
  • Keep an eye out for mold exposure.
    • Use mycotoxin free coffees, freeze foods before they develop mold, and prevent humidity in the home.
    • Keep windows open when possible
    • Culture visible mold to check species. A mold specialist is best to investigate.
    • Wear a K95 mask when cleaning.
  • Sweat often. Your body has many organ systems primed to help you detox (liver, kidneys. skin, lymphatic). Sweating is a great way to mobilize heavy metals, mold toxins and get microplastics out of your body.

It may feel overwhelming to learn about the sources of toxins in your body (air, food, water), but this serves as a tremendous opportunity to eliminate barriers to healing. 

And, it adds up quickly. A study found that after just five consecutive days of organic food consumption, urine excretion of organophosphate pesticide decreased significantly in children. New research is also showing that organic food consumption is linked to higher IQs.If environmental medicine is of interest to you, I recommend learning more in Dr. Pizzorno’s book The Toxin Solution

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